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A Brand New Man   Ingles   3
A Broken Spirit   Harris/Nystrom   2
A Perfect Heart   McGuire/Rambo   2
A Pure Heart   Nelson   2
A Vessel Of Honor For God   Duron/Paxton   1
A Warm Family Feeling   Nelson   3
Above All Else   Dearman/Dearman   2
Abundawonderful Life In Jesus   Hill   2
Ah Lord God   Chance   1
All Consuming Fire   Wright   1
All Creation Worships You   Dearman/Mills   1
All Hail King Jesus   Moody   1
All Hail The Lamb   Bilbrough   1
All Heaven Declares   Richard/Richard   2
All I Once Held Dear   Kendrick   4
All In Favor   Mason/Douglas   4
All Of My Life   Shaw   3
All Over The World   Turner   2
All Rise   Mason   4
All That I Need   Trimble   1
All That I Need   Paris   1
All The Earth   Fitts   4
All The Glory Belongs To Jesus   Gaither/Gaither   2
All The Riches Of His Grace   Harrington   2
Alleluia   Sinclair   1
Alleluia   Del Jierro   1
Almighty   Watson 3
Amazing Love   Kendrick   2
Ancient Of Days   Harvill/Sadler   2
And He's Ever Interceding   Gillman   3
Anointing Fall On Me   Thomas   1
Antiphonal Praise   Green/Fettke/Greer   1
Arise And Sing   Ray   1
Arise Praise His Name   White   1
Arise Shine   Urspringer/Robinson   1
Arms Of Love   Musseau   1
Army Of God   Prosch   2
As David Did   Nystrom   2
As For Me And My House   De Gravelles/Kaiser   1
As The Deer   Nystrom   2
As We Gather   Faye/Coomes   1
At The Cross   Butler/Butler   2
Awesome God   Mullins   3
Awesome In This Place   Billington   2
Be Bold Be Strong   Chapman   2
Be Exalted O God   Chambers   2
Be Excellent At What Is Good (Romans 16:19)   Childers/Pink/Burt/Garratt   1
Be Still And Know   unknown   1
Be Thou Exalted O God   Gardner   1
Beautiful   Leveland   1
Because He Lives   Gaither   2
Because Of Who You Are   Farrell/Smiley   3
BeGlorified   Funk   2
Behold Bless Ye The Lord   Probert   1
Behold The Lamb   Rambo   1
Behold What Manner Of Love   Vantine   1
Beloved Let Us Love One Another   Garratt   1
Beloved Let Us Love One Another (1John 4:7&8)   Ryder   1
Bind Us Together   Gillman   2
Bless His Holy Name   Crouch   1
Blessed Be The Lord God   Powell   1
Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty   Fitts   1
Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord   Moen   1
Blessed Be The Rock   Gardner   1
Blessed Is The King   Smith   3
Blessed Jesus   Holder   2
Blessing Glory And Honor   Sulander   1
Blessing Honour   Bullock/Reidy   1
Blow The Trumpet   Terndrup   2
Break Our Hearts   Prosch   4
Break Through The Chains   McDonald/Walker   1
Broken And Spilled Out   George/Gaither   1
By You Blood   Christensen   2
By Your Blood   Funk   2
Call On The Lord   Coomes   1
Cares Chorus   Willard   1
Cast All Your Cares   Cymbala   2
Casual Christian   Degarmo/Key   3
Cause Me To Come   Miller   1
Celebrate Jesus   Oliver   1
Celebrate The Lord Of Love   Baloche/Kerr   2
Change My Heart O God   Kerr   2
Change My Heart Oh God   Espinoza   1
Chosen Generation   Clattenburg/Powell   2
Clap Your Hands   Owens/Owens   1
Clap Your Hands   Kauflin   2
Come And Behold Him   Chisum/Searcy   3
Come And Fill Me Up   Doerksen   2
Come And See   LeBlanc   2
Come And Sing Praises   Chapman/Massanari   1
Come Bless The Lord   Johnson   1
Come Holy Spirit   Gaither/Gaither   2
Come Into His Gates   Barfoot   2
Come Into His Presence   Baird   1
Come Into The Holy Of Holies   Sellers   1
Come Into The Kings Chambers   Gardner   1
Come Let Us Offer   Bigley   1
Come Let Us Sing   Chambers   2
Come Let Us Worship And Bow Down   Doherty   1
Come On And Praise The Lord   Towler   1
Coming Again   Lister   1
Commune With Me   Dearman   1
Complete In Him   Fettke   2
Cornerstone   Patillo   2
Create In Me   Hopkins   1
Create In Me A Clean Heart   Bannister   1
Create In Me A Clean Heart (Psalm 51)   unknown   1
Creature Praise   Matthews   3
Cry Of My Heart   Butler   2
Deeper Higher Wider   Davis   2
Desire Of My Heart   Parks   1
Don't Grow Weary   Nystrom   2
Don't You Know It's Time To Praise The Lord   Borneman/Bornerman   2
Draw Me Closer   Devane/Gore   2
Draw Me Into Your Presence   Muller   1
El Shaddai   Card/Thompson   3
Embrace The Cross   Elliott   2
Emmanuel   McGee   1
Enter His Gates   Juarez   1
Everlasting   Founds   1
Every Breath That I Take   Espinosa   2
Everything   Brehm   1
Exalt The Lord   Rethmeier   1
Exalt The Lord   Ridings   1
Exalt The Lord Our God   Gardner   1
Face To Face   Dearman   1
Face To Face   Owens/Batstone   3
Fairer Than The Lilies   Knauf   2
Faith In God   Peterson/Smith   1
Faithful One   Doerksen   1
Family Of God   Blankenship   1
Family Song   Hampton   2
Father Glorify Yourself   Stavros   1
Father God   Hayford   1
Father I Adore You   Coelho   1
Father I Want You To Hold Me   Doerksen   2
Father Make Us One   Ridings   2
Father Make Us One   Ridings   2
Father Of Lights   Barnett   2
Fear Not   Pringle   1
Find Us Faithful   Mohr   4
Fire Of God   Musseau   2
Firm Foundation   Gordon/Harvill   2
Flesh Of My Flesh   Patillo   4
For The Lord Is Marching On   Low   2
For Those Tears I Died   Stevens/Stevens   4
For Thou On Lord   Sellers   1
Freely Freely   Owens   2
From The Rising Of The Sun   Deming   1
From The Sunrise   Walker   2
Garment Of Praise   Ingles   2
Gates Of Righteousness   Messenger/Muller   2
Gentle Shepherd   Gaither   1
Get All Excited   Gaither/Gaither   2
Give Ear To My Words   Hildebrand   1
Give Ear To My Words O Lord   Sprouse   1
Give Thanks   Smith   1
Glorify Thy Name   Adkins   1
Glorify You   LeBlanc   1
Glorious God   Baroni/Fitts/Smith/Cloninger   3
Glory   Daniels   1
Glory Glory   Barbour   2
Glory In The Highest   Barnett   2
Glory To The King   McLain   1
Glory To The Lamb   Dempsey   3
Glory To The Lamb   Batstone   2
Go Forth   Mason   1
Go Forth In His Name   Kenrick   4
Go Now In Peace   Price/Besig   2
God And God Alone   McHugh   2
God Can Do Anything But Fail   Stanphill   2
God Is Good All The Time   Moen/Overstreet   3
God Is Moving By His Spirit   Hall   1
God Is My Refuge   Montemayor   1
God Is So Wonderful   Marshall   2
God Is The Strength Of My Heart   Greco   1
God Is Worthy   Stavros   1
God Will Make A Way   Moen   2
God's Family   Wolfe   4
God's Wonderful People   Wolfe   4
Good Is So Good   Anonymous   1
Good To Me   Musseau   2
Great And Mighty Army   Rothwell   2
Great And Mighty Is He   Pettygrove   1
Great And Mighty Is The Lord Our God   Bigley   1
Great Are You Lord   Cook   1
Great I Am   Walker   2
Great Is The Lord   Smith   3
Great Is The Lord   Ewing   1
Great Is Your Love   Hart   1
Great Is Your Mercy   Moen   3
Greater Is He That Is In Me   Wolfe   2
Greater Love   Barbour   2
Guiding Light   Baloche   1
Ha - La - La - La   Graham   3
Hallelu, Hallelu   unknown   1
Hallelujah Our God Reigns   Garratt   1
Hallelujah Praise The Lamb   Thum/ McSpadden/Thomas   2
Hallowed Be Thy Name   Mason/Lawson   4
Hallowed Be Your Name   Kenoly/Smith   2
He Has Made Me Glad   Von Brethorst   1
He Has Showed You O Man   Kendrick   1
He Hath Shown Thee (Micah 6:8)   Skylar   1
He Is Able   Noland/Ferguson   1
He Is Exalted   Paris   1
He Is Exalted   Soto   1
He Is Here   Talley   3
He Is Lord   unknown   1
He Is My Everything   Ellis   2
He Is My Peace   Groves   1
He Is The King   Ewing/Moen/Stocker   1
He Is The King Of Glory   Smith   1
He Is Worthy   Danner   1
He Put A New Song   Gustafson   2
He Reigns   Grossmann   2
He Touched Me   Gaither   2
He Who Began A Good Work In You   Mohr   2
He Will Carry You   Brown   2
He Will Deliver Me   Batstone   1
Heal Me O Lord   Longcor   1
Heal Me O Lord   Moen   1
Heal Our Land   Brooks/Brooks   3
Heaven Is In My Heart   Kendrick   3
Here Am I   Doerksen   2
Here Am I   Kilpatrick   1
Here Comes Jesus   Roberts   1
Here I Am   Bowater   2
Here We Are   Holm   2
He's Able   Paino   1
He's More Than Enough   Ingles   1
He's Our Victorious King   Romanelli   1
He's Still Workin On Me   Hemphill   1
He's The Lord Of Glory   Spiers   5
Hide Me In Your Holiness   Ragsdale   2
Hiding Place   Cates   1
Highest Place   Pink   1
His Banner Over Me   Prosch   2
His Is Lovely   Fitts   3
His Name Is Life   Carman/Gaither/Gaither   1
His Name Is Wonderful   Mieir   2
His Strength Is Perfect   Chapman/Salley   3
Ho! Everyone That Thirsteth   Pulkingham   2
Holiness Unto The Lord   Daniels   2
Holy And Anointed One   Barnett   1
Holy Ground   Davis   3
Holy Ground   Beatty   3
Holy Holy Holy   Scholtes   1
Holy Holy Holy   Mumford   1
Holy Holy Holy   Oliver   1
Holy Holy Holy Is The Lord Of Hosts   Prince   1
Holy Holy Is The Lord   Schrock   2
Holy Holy Lord   Owens   1
Holy Is He   Cloninger/Clydesdale   1
Holy Is The Lord   Holcomb   2
Holy Lord   Cloninger/Moen   3
Holy Lord   Holder   3
Holy Love Holy Light   Batstone   2
Holy Place   Huerta/Huerta   1
Holy Spirit Thou Art Welcome   Rambo/Huntsinger   2
Honor And Glory   Oliver   1
Hosanna   Tuttle   2
Hosanna Hosanna   McLain/Brooks/Moen   2
Household Of Faith   Lamb/Rosasco   2
How Excellent Is Thy Name   Smith/Tunney/Tunney   2
How Excellent Your Name   Jacobs   2
How Great How Glorious   Moen/Nystrom   2
How Great Is Our God   unknown   1
How Great Thou Art   Hine/Bober/Thomas   5
How Lovely Are Thy Dwelling Places   Soto   1
How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place   Howard   3
How Majestic Is Your Name   Smith   1
Humble Thyself In The Sight Of The Lord   Hudson   1
I Am A Promise   Gaither/Gaither   1
I Am Loved   Gaither   3
I Am Not My Own   Nystrom   1
I Am The God That Healeth Thee   Moen   1
I Am The Resurrection   Repp   2
I Believe   Firth   1
I Believe In Jesus   Nelson   2
I Believe The Presence   Fragar   3
I Bow Down   Rethmeier   2
I Bow My Knee   Deuschle   2
I Call You Faithful   Price/Walker   2
I Don't Know Why   Crouch   2
I Exalt Thee   Sanchez   1
I Feel Good   Wolfe/Wolfe   4
I Feel Jesus   Carman   1
I Found It All In Jesus   Mercer   2
I Give All To You   Harris   2
I Give All To You   Harris   2
I Give Thanks   Thiessen/Thiessen   3
I Have Decided To Follow Jesus   unknown   2
I Just Came To Praise The Lord   Romero   2
I Keep Falling In Love With Him   Wolfe   3
I Know The Lord Will Make A Way   Peterson   1
I Lift My Eyes Up   Doerksen   1
I Lift Your Name   Ruis   2
I Live   Cook   1
I Look To The Shepherd   Harrah   2
I Love Him   Katter   1
I Love To Be In Your Presence   Baloche/Kerr   1
I Love To Praise Him   Randolph   1
I Love You Lord   Klein   1
I Love You With The Love Of The Lord   Gilbert   1
I Love Your Grace   Founds   2
I Need You   Founds   1
I Offer My Life   Moen/Cloninger   4
I Rejoice In Your Love   Sadler   4
I See The Lord   Falson   1
I Shall Not Be Moved   Benson/Pate   2
I Should Have Been Crucified   Jensen   2
I Sing Praises   MacAlmon   2
I Stand In Awe   Altrogge   1
I Waited For The Lord   Batstone   2
I Want To Be Where You Are   Moen   3
I Want to Praise You Lord   Thomas/Scott   5
I Want To Worship The Lord   Camerson   1
I Will Arise   Brown   1
I Will Bless The Lord   Hernandez   1
I Will Bless The Lord He Is Worthy   Gardner   2
I Will Bless Thee O Lord   Watanabe   1
I Will Call Upon The Lord   O'Shields   2
I Will Celebrate   Duvall/Amstutz   1
I Will Celebrate   Baloche   1
I Will Change Your Name   Butler   1
I Will Come And Bow Down   Nystrom   1
I Will Delight   Harrah/Schreiner   1
I Will Enter Your Gates   Hadden   1
I Will Magnify The Lord   Wolfe   3
I Will Open Up   Hemenway   1
I Will Praise Him   Harris/Linn   3
I Will Praise The Lord   Gardner   1
I Will Praise You Lord   Brooks   2
I Will Rejoice   Moen/Clininger   2
I Will Serve Thee   Gaither/Gaither   1
I Will Sing Of The Mercies Of The Lord   Sellers   1
I Will Sing Unto The Lord   Thomassen   1
I Will Trust In You   Daniels   3
I Will Worship You Lord   Gardner   1
I Worship You Almighty God   Corbett   1
I Worship You Lord   Corbett   1
I Worship You Lord   Kelly/Kaiser   1
I'd Rather Have Jesus   Miller/Shea   2
If Any Man   Coelho   2
If I Were A Butterfly   Howard   2
If My People   Smith   2
If You're Happy And You Know It   King   1
I'll Do My Best   Dalton   2
I'll Fly Away   Brumley   2
I'll Sing Praises To Jesus   Nelson   1
I'm Forever Grateful   Altrogge   1
I'm Gonna Keep On Singin   Crouch   2
I'm In Love With You   Daniels   1
I'm So Happy   Gavitt   1
I'm Yours   Chapman   2
I'm Yours   Espinosa   2
Immanuel   Card   3
In Christ Alone   Craig/Koch   3
In Him We Live   Speir   1
In His Prensence   Tunney/Tunney   2
In His Time   Ball   2
In Moments Like These   Graham   1
In The Lord Alone   Harrah   3
In The Name Of The Lord   Gaither/Helvering/McHugh   3
In The Presence Of Jehovah   Davis/Davis   2
In The Quiet Of The Morning   Tuttle   1
In This Quiet Moment   Mayfield   1
In This Very Room   Harris   3
In Your House O Lord   Turner   2
In Your Presence   Funk/Nystrom   1
Instrument Of Worship   Bicknell   3
Into My Heart   Clark   3
Isn't He   Wimber   2
It Is A Good Thing To Give Thanks Unto The Lord   Montemayor   1
It Is Good To Give Thanks   Howard/Batstone   2
It Is Good To Praise The Lord   LeBlanc   1
It Is No Longer I That Liveth   Ellis   1
It's Beginning To Rain   Gaither/Gaither/Wiburn   3
I'ts Real It's Real   Cooke   1
It's Your Blood   Christ   2
Jehovah-Jireh   Watson   1
Jesus Be The Lord Of All   Wolfe   3
Jesus Draw Me Close   Founds   1
Jesus Draw Me Close   Founds   1
Jesus How Lovely You Are   Bolton   2
Jesus Is Alive   Kenoly   4
Jesus Is The Answer   Crouch/Crouch   2
Jesus Jesus   Bullock   2
Jesus Jesus Glorious One   Peifer   2
Jesus Lord To Me   McSpadden/Nelson   2
Jesus Lover Of My Soul   Grul/Ezzy/McPherson   1
Jesus Loves Me   Warner   1
Jesus Loves Me, This I Know   Warner   4
Jesus Loves The Little Children   unknown   1
Jesus Mighty God   Founds   1
Jesus Name Above All Names   Hearn   1
Jesus Now More Than Ever   Stalling   1
Jesus Oh How I Love Thee   Adams   1
Jesus We Enthrone You   Kyle   1
Jesus We Just Want To Thank You   Gaither/Gaither   2
Jesus Wonderful Lord   White   2
Jesus You Alone Are Worthy   Randolph   3
Jesus You Are Lord   Founds   2
Jesus Your Name   Chapman/Cloninger   2
Jesus, I Love You   Thompson   1
Joshua Generation   Gay   2
Joy In My Heart   Davis   1
Joy Of My Desire   Randolph   2
King Jesus Is All   unknown   2
King Of Kings   Batya/Conty   1
King of Saints   Prosch   2
Lamb Of Glory   McHugh/Nelson   2
Lamb Of God   Paris   2
Lead Me Lord   Goodine/Goodine   3
Lead Me To The Rock   Deshazo   3
Learning To Lean   Stallings   3
Let All The Earth   Founds   1
Let Everything That Has Breath   Gomez   3
Let God Arise   Sellers   1
Let My Light Shine   Holm   2
Let The People Rejoice And Sing   Vader/Rouse   3
Let The Redeemed   Barnett   1
Let The Redeemed Of The Lord Say So   Ellis   1
Let The Redeemed Of The Lord Say So   Slagle   1
Let The Walls Fall Down   Barbour/Barbour/Batstone   2
Let There Be Glory And Honor And Praise   Greenelsh/Greenelsh   1
Let There Be Joy   Funk   2
Let There Be Praise   Tunney   3
Let Us Rejoice And Be Glad   Hansen   2
Let Us Worship Lord Jehovah   Dearman   2
Let Your Glory Fall   Ruis   2
Let Your Spirit Rise Within Me   Speir   1
Let's Just Praise The Lord   Gaither   3
Lift High The Lord Our Banner   Delavan   1
Lift Him Up   Funk   2
Lift Up Jesus   Gaither/Gaither   5
Lift Up The Name Of Jesus   Johnson   2
Lift Up Your Countenance   Riley   2
Lift Up Your Heads   Fry   1
Light The Fire   Maxwell   2
Like A Shepherd   Moen/Simpson   3
Lord Be Glorified   Kilpatrick   1
Lord I Lift Your Name On High   Founds   1
Lord Most High   Harris/Sadler   2
Lord Take Up Your Holy Thron   Ridings   3
Lord The Light Of Your Love (Shine Jesus Shine)   Kendrick   2
Lord We Praise You   Skillings   2
Lord You Are The Holy One   Deshazo   2
Love Throu Me   Lister   2
Magnificent God   Bell   1
Magnify The Lord And Sing   Pettygrove   1
Majesty   Hayford   1
Make A Joyful Noise   Lowe   1
Make Me A Servant   Willard   1
Make Me Like You   Owens/Owens   1
Making War In The Heavenlies   Searcy   3
Meekness And Majesty   Kendrick   2
Meet Us Here   Marks   2
Micah 6:8 (see He Hath Shown Thee)  
Mighty Is Our God   Greco/Gustafson/Moen   1
Mighty King   Gordon   1
Mighty Savior   Daniels   2
Mighty Warrior   Graafsma   3
More Love More Power   Del Hierro   1
More Of You   Harris/Nystrom   2
More Of You   Gaither/Gaither/Paxton   3
More Precious Than Silver   Deshazo   1
More Than Anything   Garlington   1
More Than Enough   Gay   1
Most Holy One   Willard/Baloche   1
Mourning Into Dancing   Walker   2
My All In All   Hernandez/Powell   1
My All In All   Hernandez/Saunders Powell   1
My Delight   Park   2
My Desire   Plankenhorn   1
My Desire   Musseau   1
My God Can Do Anything   Ellis   3
My God My God   Brooks/Brooks/Hadfield   1
My Heart Is Steadfast   Kee/Carr   1
My Life Is In You   Gardner   1
My Sins Are Gone   Grippgs   1
My Soul Followeth Hard After Thee   Smith   1
My Tribute   Crouch   3
My Trust Is In The Name Of The Lord   Jasurda   1
No Condemnation   Monroe   1
No Other Name   Gay   2
Not By Might Nor Power   Caulk   1
Not My Will But Thine   Benner   1
Now God Our Father   Dearman/Mills   2
Now Unto Him   Morris   1
Now Unto The King Eternal   Sonneberg   1
O Clap Your Hands   Funk   1
O Come Let Us Sing For Joy   Mason   1
O How Good   Harris/Nystrom   1
O How He Loves You And Me   Kaiser   2
O I Will Bless The Name Of Jesus   Carmen   2
O Lord Your Tenderness   Kendrick   1
O Magnify The Lord   Dawn   2
O Magnify The Lord   Tunney/Tunney   2
Oh God You Are My God   Daniels   2
Oh Lord You're Beautiful   Green   2
Oh The Glory Of His Presence   Fry   2
Oh Worship The Lord   Monroe   1
On Bended Knee   Gay   1
On Our Side   Harris   1
One Flock One Shepherd   Adams   1
One Thing Have I Desired   Scott   1
One Thing I Ask   Park   2
One Thing Is Needful   Dearman   2
One Voice   Gay   3
Only By Grace   Gustafson   2
Only Jesus   Chisum   1
Open Our Eyes Lord   Cull   2
Open Your Eyes   Tuttle   1
Our God Is Lifted Up   Smith   2
Our God Reigns   Smith   5
Over And Over Again   Butler   2
Pass It On   Kaiser   3
Peace Give I To Thee   Houser   1
Peace Like A River   unknown   1
People Need The Lord   McHugh/Nelson   3
People Of God   Watson   2
Plenty Of Room In The Family   Gaither/Gaither   2
Power Of Your Love   Bullock   3
Praise God   Foster   2
Praise God In His Sanctuary   Whittemore   1
Praise Him   Herron   1
Praise Him   Paris   2
Praise Looks Good On You   Moen   3
Praise Song   Womber   2
Praise The Lord Together Singing   unknown   1
Praise The Name Of Jesus   Hicks   2
Praise The Name Of Jesus Praise The Son Of God   Hayford   1
Praise To The Lord   Fitts   2
Praise To You   Deshazo   3
Praise You   Goodine   2
Praises   Mercer   1
Precious Cornerstone   Park   2
Protector Of My Soul   Barbour   2
Psalm 100   God/David   3
Refiner's Fire   Doerksen   2
Reign In Me   Bowater   1
Rejoice For The Steps   Gaskins   2
Rejoice In The Lord   Lowe   1
Rejoice In The Lord Always   Tarner   1
Righteousness Peace And Joy   Barrington   2
Rise And Be Healed   Bourgeois   2
Rise Up   Pringle   1
Rise Up O Church Of God   Merrill/Williams/Thomas   2
Rise Up O Men Of God   Merrill/Batstone/Owens   3
River Of Life   unknown   1
Rock Of My Salvation   Muller   1
Salvation Belongs To Our God   Howard/Turner   2
Sanctuary   Thompson/Scruggs   1
See His Glory   Cook   1
Seek Ye First   Lafferty   2
Seek Ye The Lord   Chew   2
Shepherd's Song   Hauxhurst   1
Shield About Me   Thomas/Williams   1
Shine Down   Smiley/Gersmehl/Farrell   2
Shine Jesus Shine-see Lord the Light  
Shout Joyfully   Brooks   1
Shout To The Lord   Prosch   3
Shout To The Lord   Zschech   2
Sing And Be Glad In Him   Deshazo   2
Sing Hallelujah   Stassen   3
Sing Praise To The King   Lister   1
Sing To The Lord A New Song   Barfoot   3
Sing Unto The Lord   Patillo   2
Sitting At His Feet   Carey   1
Soften My Heart   Kendrick   1
Sole Desire   Harrah   2
Some May Trust In Chariots   Deshazo   2
Something Beautiful   Gaither   2
Song For The Nations   Christensen   3
Soon And Very Soon   Crouch   2
Sovereign Lord   Fettke   1
Spirit Of The Living God   Iverson   1
Spirit Song   Wimber   2
Stand In The Congregation   Batstone   3
Stand Up And Glorify The Lord   Cook   1
Standing Somewhere In The Shadows   Rollings   4
Step By Step   Beaker   1
Step Into The Water   Talley   3
Stir My Spirit   Dement   1
Strength Of My Life   Phillips   1
Stretch Out Your Hand   Smith/DuPlessis   1
Such Joy   Harris   2
Surely Goodness And Mercy   Peterson/Smith   2
Surely The Presence Of The Lord   Wolfe   3
Sweep Over My Soul   Clarke   2
Sweet Sweet Spirit   Akers   2
Sweet Wind   Ruis   3
Take Me In   Browning   2
Take Our Lives   Park   2
Taste And See   Keil   2
Tender Mercy   Wagner   2
Thank You For The Cross   Althrogge   2
Thank You Lord   Sykes/Sykes   1
Thanks Be To God   Picking   3
The Battle Belongs To The Lord   Collins   2
The Bond Of Love   Skillings   2
The Family of God   Gaither/Gaither   3
The God Of Israel Is Mighty   Mason   2
The Greatest Thing   Pendergrass   1
The Happy Side Of Life   Smith   1
The Holy Heart   Barbour/Skidmore   2
The Horse And The Rider   Fidani   2
The Joy Of The Lord   Vale   1
The King Is Coming   Gaither/Gaither/Milhuff   4
The Longer I Serve Him   Gaither/Gaither   2
The Lord Is Holy   Harrah   2
The Lord Reigneth   Boschman   1
The Lord Reigns   Stradwick   2
The Lord Thy God   Morris   1
The Lord Thy God In The Midst   Moala   1
The Majesty And Glory Of Your Name   Johnson/Fettke   1
The Mighty One Of Israel   Hendricks/Hendricks   2
The Name Of The Lord   Utterbach   1
The Name Of The Lord   Peifer   2
The Presence Of The Lord Is In This Place   Ballinger   1
The Servant Song   Gillard   3
The Spirit Of Power   Dory/James/Quarles   2
The Spirit Of The Lord   Funk   2
The Steadfast Love   McNeill   3
The Sweetest Name Of All   Coomes   2
The Trees Of The Field   Dauermann/Rubin   2
The Victory Is The Lord's   Prosch   2
The Worship Song   Yohai   3
There Is A Redeemer   Green   2
There Is A River   Sapp/Sapp   3
There Is A Savior   Nelson/Farrell/Helvering   1
There Is Joy In The Lord   Keaggy   2
There Is None Holy As The Lord   Garrett   1
There Is None Like You   Le Blanc   2
Therefore The Redeemed   Lake   1
There's A Quiet Understanding   Smith   2
There's Something About That Name   Gaither   1
They That Wait Upon The Lord   Hamblen   2
They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Love   Scholtes   3
Think About His Love   Harrah   2
This Is The Day   Garrett   3
This Is The Day   Shelton   1
This Is What I Believe   Schreiner/Harrah   3
This Little Light Of Mine   unknown   1
Thou Art Worthy   Mills   1
Thou Art Worthy Great Jehovah   Eagan   1
Thou Shalt Love The Lord   Gustafson   1
Through It All   Crouch   3
Thy Loving Kindness   Mitchell   1
Thy Name   Unknown   1
Thy Word   Grant/Smith   2
Times Of Refreshing   Harris/Nystrom   2
Times Of Refreshing   Harris/Nystrom   1
To Be Used Of God   Mieir   3
To Him Who Sits On The Throne   Graafsma   1
To Thee We Ascribe Glory   Dearman   1
Touching Jesus   Stallings   2
Turn My Heart   Deshazo   1
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus   Lemmel   2
Under The Blood   Nystrom/Scelsi   2
Under The Shadow   Stevenson/Henry   2
Until Then   Hamblen   4
Unto The King   Holder   1
Unto Thee O Lord   Monroe   2
Unto You   Gustafson   2
Unto You   Chisum   2
Victory Chant   Vogels   2
Victory In Jesus   Bartlett   4
Victory Song   Garratt   1
We Applaud Your Greatness   Johnson   4
We Are An Offering   Liles   2
We Are His Hands   Gersmehl   2
We Are Standing   Evans   1
We Are Your Church Lord   Damazio   3
We Believe   Kendrick   2
We Bow Down   Paris   2
We Bring The Sacrifice Of Praise   Dearman   3
We Choose The Fear Of The Lord   Dearnman   2
We Declare Your Majesty   Du Plessis   1
We Give Thanks   Gustafson/Moen   1
We Give You Praise   Chapman   1
We Give You Praise   Wolfe   4
We Have Come Into His House   Ballinger   4
We Have Overcome   Batstone   2
We Must Wait   Thomas   1
We Praise Your For Your Glory   Founds/Batstone   3
We Rejoice In The Grace Of God   Cook/Cook   2
We Remember You   Chapman   2
We Remember You   Dearman   1
We Sing The Greatness Of Our God   Watts/Redd   3
We Welcome You   Daniels   2
We Will Dance   Ruis   3
We Will Glorify   Paris   2
We Will Lift Up Your Name   Aubrey   2
We Will Triumph In The Lord   Gardner   1
We Will Wait   Nystorm/Allen   2
We Will Worship   Jernigan   2
We Worship And Adore You   Baas   1
Welcome To The Family   Rettino   2
We're Going Up To The High Places   Kenoly   4
We're Together Again   Jensen/Hilton   1
We've Come To Praise You   Grant/Chapman/Darnall/Darnall   2
We've Got The Power   Proctor   4
What A Day That Will Be   Hill   3
What A Mighty God   Thomas   2
What A Mighty God We Serve   unknown   1
What A Mighty God We Serve   unkown   1
Whatever Is True   Doerksen/Musseau   1
When I Look Into Your Holiness   Perrin   2
Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is   Adams   2
White As Snow   Olguin   2
Why So Downcast   Berrios/Brooks/Hamlin   2
With All My Heart   Mason   3
With All Of My Heart   Batstone/Chapman   3
With God Nothing is Impossible   Holck   1
With Our Hearts   Harris   1
Wonderful   Lilenas   1
Wonderful Excellent Mighty   Ingles   1
Words And Music   Moody   1
Worship The Lord   Hawkins   1
Worship You   Riso   1
Worthy   Cook   3
Worthy Is The Lamb   Wyrtzen   1
Worthy O Worthy Are You Lord   Kinzer   2
Worthy Of Worship   York/Blankenship   2
Worthy The Lamb That Was Slain   Moen   1
Worthy You Are Worthy   Moen   2
Wounded Soldier   Daniels   1
Yes Lord Yes   Keesecker   3
You Alone Are Holy   Cowan   2
You Are Crowned With Many Crowns   Sellers   1
You Are Here   Marine   2
You Are My All In All   Jernigan   2
You Are My God   Delavan   1
You Are My God   Henry   3
You Are My Hiding Place   Ledner   1
You Are My Life   Daniels   2
You Are The Mighty King   Espinosa   2
You Are The One   Green/Green   3
You Are The Vine   Daniels/Rigby   1
You Have Been Good   Paris   2
You Have Broken The Chains   Collins   2
You Laid Aside Your Majesty   Richard   2
You Make Me Lie Down In Green Pastures   Zuziak   1
You Oh Lord Are A Great God   Butler/Butler   2
You Shall Love The Lord   Owens/Owens   2
Your Grace Is Sufficient   Nystrom   2
Your Love Compels Me   Holck   1
Your Name Is Jesus   Moen/Brooks   2